Our Strength

Our Strength

Technical Office

  • As a Class I classified contractor, alfanar mep understands and values the unique needs of each client as reflected by our outstanding customer service and commitment to precision. By leveraging the most up-to-date software and the skills of qualified professionals, the technical office offers all the support for the site work pertaining to:
  • Projects' design and review including organizing of shop drawings and as-built drawings
  • All relevant studies pertaining to electromechanical construction
  • Preparing all material and equipment submittals for projects in accordance with local and international specifications

Project Planning

Our project personnel organize and manage a full range of services necessary to oversee a project's demands, from master planning through operations.

Our efforts are expertly coordinated and skillfully managed to ensure:

  • Meeting the project schedule
  • Avoiding budget overrun
  • Maintaining sound technical quality

The larger and more complex the project, the more critical is the overall management function.

Equipment & Assets

  • In order to deliver world-class quality and to meet demanding project milestones, we invested generously in an array of the finest and most modern equipment available. Sourced from highly reputable leaders, our equipment are engineered to improve and boostproductivity.

  • Be it civil engineering, electro-mechanical works, testing or project commissioning, we have an extensive range of tools, equipment andplants at our disposal to meet the project needs. alfanar mep has more than 4000 state-of-the-art equipment and machineries at its disposal made available by the affiliate companies.


  • For us, quality means delivering the best products and services to its customers to their entire satisfaction, and to achieve quality and excellence in projects execution.
  • To sustain our reputation, good will and to achieve the goals successfully each and every resource of alfanar mep is applied to its optimum level.


  • At alfanar mep, safety is always a primary concern, a key value that is fundamental to our culture. We have a healthy safety record which. This is attested by our position being consistently in the top bracket of companies following the highest safety norms demanded by the industry.